And indeed there will be time…

103cm by 103cm

This painting was, again, painted during lockdown restrictions due to the Covid-19 virus and was finished at the end of week 8 of being indoors in virtual isolation from the outside world. Although many of my paintings are inspired by the juxtaposition of inner and outer worlds in terms of states of mind and, quite literally (indoors and outdoors and the confusion of the two), the enforced position of remaining at home allowed me to conjour in my head memories of scenes I’ve enjoyed. Walks through Holyrood Park and up onto the Craggs, city walks through the streets of the Old and New Town in Edinburgh, dog walks along Portobello Beach and trips to the Highlands. The feeling that my world had shrunk but the realisation that my ‘home world’ held security, safety from the risk of the virus and the freedom to read, garden, paint and take joy in the simpler things in life.


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