The ‘In your face painting…!’

Well, this weekend was the end of an era for me…The Velvet Easel Gallery was passed over to the new owners of the business on Friday 26th June. I’d like to wish Jane all the best and I hope she has fun and success on her journey…I can honestly say, I’ve loved every minute of it!

I’ve had lots of lovely emails from customers and artists alike following the sale of Gallery…I’ve tried to thank everyone individually but if I’ve missed anyone, please accept my apologies.

I was chuffed to receive this one…from the owner of the first of my own paintings sold when the gallery opened in 2013…this is part of the email from Hugh…

‘Hi Rosalind,
Wow my memory goes back to 2013 when I first visited the Velvet Easel,
and commented (in front of yourself!) that “up with the birds” was in your
face!! A week later I returned and bought the picture!!’

It was my first lesson in remaining calm and never taking anything personally in overhearing other people’s opinions on art…and he did come back and buy it! Incidentally, I asked him why and he said ‘because I kept thinking about it?

Thanks Hugh for buying it and for sending this lovely photo of it in situ!

And he was correct…it is rather in your face!’